God says, “Do not be afraid.”

Angels say, “Do no be afraid.”

Jesus said, “Do not be afraid.”


Today I have eaten until I can’t deny I’m full, cleaned the bathtub, picked up clothes, and half-emptied the dishwasher. (half-emptied so I’ll have busy-work waiting for me, I guess.) 


There is nothing more to do but face God’s words. — His message of love:

(You might insert your name in place of mine.)


 “Do not be ‘Fear.’  You are ‘Sheila,’ My beloved child. You are not ‘Fear’. Do not take on the enemy’s personality or name!


Do you want another name? Then take My name. I am Love. 


The more you turn your thoughts to Me, the more you trust My love and strength and power to sustain you and those you love, the more perfected My love is in you.


You are ‘Sheila’ who is growing into the likeness of Me—‘Perfect Love’.

Take my last name; you are betrothed to Me; identify with Me. 

You are my own, ‘Sheila Perfect Love.’”


Heavenly Father,

‘Fear’ comes in waves and by different paths. Only when I look at You can I say, “I am not ‘Sheila Fear’. I am growing into and becoming more and more identified with my Creator, my Bride Groom. Show me, enable me to understand what it means to carry Your name and be ‘Sheila Perfect Love’—not in arrogance, but in awe. Amen.