­­­­­­­1 John 4: 18 “There is no fear in love…love casts out fear…The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”


Really?  Love?  -- What kind of love?

Love for God?

Love for life?

Love for others?

Love of myself?

Is it Love and Trust in God?


            Is it love so strong, so secure, that it replaces fear?


What kind of love casts out daily fears of “not enough”?

                                    Not smart enough to…

                                    Not good enough to…

                                    Don’t have enough to….

                                    Have not accomplished enough to…


What kind of love casts out the worry fears of “What if?”

What kind of love casts out the condemnation fears of :

                                    “I never should have…”

                                    “I should have….”


Where are you on the scale of love so strong that it throws out fear?

One being completely incapacitated by fear—almost paranoid,

Five being somewhat blocked or stuck --- afraid of some things or people,

Ten being total freedom to try whatever you desire and fully live.



Crippled                            somewhat                                           totally

                                       Blocked & fearful                                   free


Lord, You are the only love I know big enough to even begin to answer these questions. Even though You are Love, I barely know how to apply that truth to my life.  Enable me by Your Spirit to live every day closer to the ‘10” of the scale. Amen.