I'm excited about all I learned and experienced on our Cambodian Mission Trip:

  • Letting Go--completely
  • Just being who you are really is enough--Really!
  • God is always doing more than you know and it is more unique and special than you know.

 I would love to share more with your group.

See more at Cambodia stories to tell page  But there is so much more.

Sheila brings:

  • Sparkle and depth to the topics tailored for your event 
  • Encouragement to business conferences, retreats, luncheons, schools, and other gatherings of all sizes
  • Experience not only as a speaker, but as an event planner focusing on meeting your needs

Sample Topics. 

Growing Through Changes

Discover the passion and inspiration of new possibilities as you learn to look at challenges through new eyes.

For anyone who is stuck or feeling called to something different, be inspired to view life with an attitude of discovery.


Mary's Story: Jesus had grown

We all know the Christmas story, but have we connected Mary's obedience to give birth to Jesus with her turmoil during the years of Jesus' ministry.

Are we like Mary in a very important but overlooked and unadmitted way? 


Rescued and Loved

Every great story has a rescue. Step into a story that is bigger than yourself. Open your eyes to the unfolding epic that is your life filled with the drama of triumph, defeat and second chances.

Feel your spirit lift with a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.

Health Body--Healthy Soul

Maintaining the motivation to actually measure our desires in light of God’s purposes should be easy if we truly love God.

Most of us know from experience the difficulty of balancing our nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

We can respond to God’s love for us, rely upon His help, and desire His best.   

Overcome Worry, Fear, and “What if”

        Imagine what God intended when He created you.       

Explore the possibilities of abundant blessings. Gain a sense of strength, confidence and beauty.


Christian Inspirational Speaker:

  • Retreats

  • Keynote addresses 

  • Pacesetters

  • Workshops

  • Luncheons

  • School Assemblies

Sheila tailors her presentations to match your need.


Speaking, writing, and coaching
enlarges your vision and touches your heart.

Prayer—Our Lifeline to God

Prayer can be a vital and integrated part of our everyday life.

Feel the  tenderness of God as He answers our needs and longings. You will leave feeling like a soft, warm blanket has been wrapped around your soul. 


Avoid Pain at All Costs

Look closely at God who doesn't act like we tell Him, instead takes us on an adventure of love and discovery.

Identify mistrust, those times we listen to the whispers or shouts of unbelief as we seek safety and security.  

God’s love pursues us and beckons us into a life better than our small dreams



Chapel Talks - School Assembly

Sheila is often asked to speak for the chapel services at Christian Schools.  Along with scripture and encouragement her stories are filled with action and drama that capture the imagination of the children and teens.



  • What is forgiveness?
  • How do we do it?
  • How do we know we’ve forgiven when we still hurt?
  •  Should we even attempt to forgive the unforgivable?

Come breathe the fresh air of freedom from the past and move with joy into the future.


Grief & Beyond

We grow or shrivel, find fulfillment or remain trapped in bitterness, depending on our choices.

Feel God’s tenderness and healing. Grow with an anticipation of a good and rich future.


God Has Loved You Longer