tReading the Bible out Loud 

see grid of reading slots here

 His word never returns void. 

On Thursday, April 17 

and Friday, April 18 

 before Easter


You are invited to be one of


a group of people from churches across our city

who will read the Bible out loud for one hour

Together we will read the Bible from cover to cover,

 proclaiming the Word of God over our city.

Please join us.

Sign up for your hour here.



This is the Article that Birthed  our Idea

“Consider a ministry begun recently by the Redeemer Baptist Church in Cespedes, Cuba.  Their church building's tower is the tallest structure in their town.  When I was in their community earlier this week, I learned that twice a year, members go to this tower, open its windows, and read the Bible aloud over the city.  They begin at Genesis and go through Revelation, reading for 24 straight hours in one-hour shifts.

When the congregation began this practice, murders were prevalent in Cespedes and Santeria (a Caribbean occult religion) was practiced on the street corners.  Dead bodies were paraded through the streets while Satanic chants were spoken over them. 

Since the church has been reading God's word over their town, the murder rate has plummeted.  Santeria has stopped and dead bodies are no longer marched through the streets.  Now other churches in Cuba are joining them, building a network to read Scripture over the entire nation.

If Christians in a Communist country can make such a difference by speaking and living Scripture, what can we do to influence our so-called "Christian" nation?  

God says that his word "will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it" (Isaiah 55:11).  His word also states, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord" (Psalm 33:12)

  How will you help your nation be "blessed" today?  

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Some additional background:

Although The Redeemer Baptist is only a small church of 150-250 people, it has outreach and training for other pastors throughout Cuba. It supports about 30 home churches in addition to the central church.

On the  3rd story (the tower) a mural of the whole world covers one wall where Pastor Carlos Alamino and others pray with a true Kingdom vision not only for their cities and country but for the world.

In the second year of reading the scripture aloud, they also scheduled people to pray during that time.

There was no dramatic show-down between the occult and the Christians.

The Santeria just disappeared.




Make it easy for yourself: 

  • Some will come with others to take turns reading.

Some will come with others with one reading while the others pray silently.

  • You may read from your favorite Bible version.

We have no agenda, except to speak the Word of God and watch expectantly for whatever our mighty God chooses to accomplish among us.

Those who wish to be supportive of our effort but cannot take part, we appreciate your prayers.  Encourage us by letting us know if you are praying. 

For those who are concerned about pronouncing the names, you can go to and enter the passage. Most of the versions have an audio button you can click on to hear the scripture read.

Additional information:

Since these are public spaces, we will make a sign describing what is happening so those passing by will know this is a concerted effort by a group of people.


Sign up to read one hour here. 



  See grid of Reading slots




This is How it Works

The Bible is divided into 92 readings that each can be read in one hour's time. 

We will read at four different locations—each has historical significance for our city--

  • Gazebo behind the library and next to the jail,
  • Cross Mountain
  • two readers at separate places at MarktPlatz.

92 people will come to one of the four locations and times they choose  according to a schedule they sign up for and read their portion out loud. 

  • Four different people reading their assigned portion
  • for approximately one hour each
  • from four different locations
  • from 7 AM to 7 PM
  • for two days 
  • equaling a total of 24 hours

MarktPlatz 2 location will end with Revelation at three in the afternoon on Good Friday. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me:

Sheila Sattler Kale