In the Hands of the Creator

July 25, 2012

What you said right,

What you said wrong,

What you did that you wish you hadn’t,

What you didn’t do that you wish you had,

            It is all putty in the hands of our Creator,

            Clay in the hands of the Potter,

            Who works all things for good for those who love God.

Those who love God are called; those who love God have God-given and God-ordained purpose.


In Him

July 25, 2012

Acts 17:28 “For in him we live and breathe and have our being….”

 God’s arm is never too short; His power and strength is never too small.  

 My prayer for today might be your prayer for today:

My prayer for today might be your prayer for the day:

“Lord, I come to you needy.

                    I’m willing to do the work, learn the lessons in preparation for Your calling.

                 I am excited about the abundance of possibilities to the point of almost being overwhelmed by the choices in front of me. 

The enemy of my soul would have me paralyzed and trapped in chaos and turmoil.”
That is not Your will. I am Your child. 

In You I live and breathe and have my being .

 In You is peace.

In You the crooked path is made straight.

Thank you, Father.



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