Who I Coach


 If you are in business and care about the bottom line as well as impacting the world and it matters to you that you honor God and the way he has wired you, I would love to coach with you.

If you are in transition, facing changes in your work or personal life and it matters to you that you hear God’s direction, I would love to coach with you.

If you are ready to take the necessary actions to change and move forward with the desires and dreams God has given you, I would love to coach with you.

If you are ready for long term changes that give you the life God designed for you….

Contact me: 

Sheila Sattler Kale,

email: sheilaspeakshope@yahoo.com

Phone: 830-285-5005


What exactly does a coach do?

A coach listens closely to what you say, what you want, what frustrates you, and what you may be missing or misinterpreting and asks questions to draw out and deepen what is true for you. 

Benefits of questions formed out of intense listening:

  • Causes you to think more deeply and enables you to  move beyond  your present circumstances 
  • See the obstacles clearly. In the light of discovery obstacles lose their power
  • Helps you form action steps toward the future you want
  • See more options and clarify which is best for you
  • Saves you time as you define the layers of the problem so you become more certain and intentional in your life
  • Honors your creativity and capability
  • Motivates you to confidently act beyond what others may think
  • Motivates you to the right action steps for God’s design of who you are
  • Empowers you toward leadership


Offer:  Experience a free 30-minute coaching session.

contact me at: sheilaspeakshope@yahoo.com

or 830-285-5005


What is a ‘Life Coach’?


For those who want to grow in an area of their life, and truly want to live up to their full potential, a life coach courageously moves you forward toward your dreams.


Probably, at some time you’ve felt stuck. It might be in the area of relationships, career, health, finances, or any other area that is important to you. You desire change but it doesn’t happen. There’s a gap between here and where you would like to be.

 A Coach:

  • listens for your values and strengths
  • helps you identify and overcome your roadblocks
  • asks questions others might hesitate to ask
  • holds the focus of your agenda, sparing you wasted time and energy and exposes any blind spots
  • You align your choices with your heart’s deepest desires.


God has designed you uniquely. Together with the Holy Spirit and a coach’s support, acknowledgement, and guidance you discover possibilities and choose liberating actions you might not have considered.


You get unstuck when you really go all out for everything God has for you. 


So…if you or anyone you know might find life coaching helpful or you are just curious, I offer a free  sample session for those who are ready to make a change.


A session is 30-45 minutes. Just give me a call to set up a time for a free sample of what it would be like for you.  990-0521--home

or 830-285-5005—cell. 


What is a Life or Personal Coach?


As a way of explanation, this is one of my experiences as the one being coached: 

I introduced the agenda. After talking for a few minutes, the coach wanted me to see solely from my own point of view, to speak just for myself without concern of what others might think. I understood exactly what he was asking.  


 He leaned forward and said, “Pretend there are no other people or God.-”

I said, “No! No I won’t pretend!”  

The horror of the image he created was too big to even contemplate. 

He took a breath and restated it. “I want you to ….” 

Before he could finish the sentence I was shaking my head and sobbing, the kind of crying where you can barely catch your breath and your whole body shakes.  

The passion of my response surprised both of us. In an instant I knew I could never give up—even in make-believe—the idea of connection with God and with others. I would fight with my life for that connection. I was weeping too hard to speak.

My coach sat quietly. He didn’t really know what evoked such deep emotion, but he allowed me time to process it.

 After a few minutes, to help me express what was happening, he held out his hands.



 He said, “Imagine I’m holding God and People in this hand—is it okay to put all the people in one hand together?”

 I nodded my head  “Yes.”


Then he said, “And you are in this other hand. What do you want to do?”

I looked at his hands and then with my own hands I interlaced his fingers. “I want to do this.”


He looked at my hands and asked, “What is this?” 

I said, “This is connected. We are interwoven. This is what I want.”


       The conversation had started casually. I actually thought I’d chosen a fairly safe topic. Then God showed up in that space and time.

      A 'core value' expressed itself in a memorable way.

      For the rest of my life I will carry the image of interlocked fingers. Even though at some level I’ve always known this, now I have verbalized it—with passion—a non-negotiable value—connecting with God and others. Now, every action to do or not to do something is held in the light of this core value.  

       Of course, there are other core values. 

       Not every session is this dramatic. But it is time set apart in the partnership with a coach who is trained in focusing on you and what makes you come alive where insight and growth have room to express themselves.       

       If we’d been talking about changes, we might have continued by giving me time to examine what activities were most valuable and which ones were simply burdens. Then I might have looked at ways to do less of the meaningless energy-draining parts of my life. 

         Probably most of us either have in the past or do right now feel stuck somewhere in our life whether it is in the area of relationships, career, health, finances, or just about anything that is important to you. The changes you want don’t happen. You feel unsure and you procrastinate. The gap between here and where you want to be is too big. 

        Sometimes God’s grace actually propels us forward. Then we have that exciting “Aha!” moment. For me it usually sounds like, “Ohhhhh! Now I understand!”  

        The understanding liberates us to take actions we hadn’t considered or see possibilities we had never noticed.  

        Change becomes adventure more than drudgery or following a regimen of rules. Excitement defeats fear giving you relief from the stifling confines of your rut.  

     A coach stays with you, listening with genuine curiosity and interest, holding onto the focus of your agenda sparing you wasted time and energy. Through their intuitive response, you find a way to clarify your hearts desires and your intellect’s ‘wants.’ 

        A session with a coach is a safe place to dream and discover. It’s a time to identify your absolute could-not-live-without values.


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