The mission trip to Cambodia was packed with discoveries and revelations that apply to

mine and your daily life and decisions.  I would love to share them with you. 

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Half way around the world


I traveled half way around the world to pray with and for a people who could not understand me and spoke a language I did not know. All we had was the unity of Spirit to bind us together. It was the most powerful experience I have ever had with a people in more dire need than anything I’ve ever known.


My interpreter, Chanthoeun is helping.


  • exotic plants and food and dress,
  • poor, dirty,
  • chaotic traffic,
  • frenzied markets,
  • fractured lives,
  • 95% Buddhist, 
  • different value system,
  • different language,
  • huge disparity between wealthy and everyone else.



Planned and welcomed by Setan and Randa Lee of Transform Asia,



Steve and Nicole Kroeger’s mission was to bring eye care to those who had never seen an eye doctor before.

We traveled from the south of Cambodia to the north and back again visiting villages on the edge of the jungle, churches in the middle of nowhere, and an orphanage.  Danny Halford brought vitamins and supplements from the Peach Basket to David’s Orphanage and assisted the Kroegers at other locations.





I brought prayer. 


and stories told ...


Sight for the almost blind


                                                                                  This  pastor couldn’t see the expression

                                                                                        on the faces of anyone beyond a few feet:

This woman couldn’t distinguish shapes a few feet away.

      Nicole put glasses on her. 

      She sat in shock for a few minutes

      before a smile crept across her face:



This man's vision was equally as bad as the woman above.

He received super-cool sports glasses and was so overwhelmed he could hardly look up. Even when we weren't praying he kept his hands folded in thanksgiving:



No help:

There were those that could not be helped. little boy needs an operation and a miracle from God. This picture shows Chanthoeun, my prayer partner and translator, but he and his mother are among the faces and circumstances that linger and find their way into my daily prayers.




All were directed to the ‘prayer line’ after examination and fitting.