The Best Speaker for Your Event:

Looking for a speaker? Sheila brings depth and humor with her inspiring stories, connecting with the audience’s heart and mind.

  • Sheila uniquely weaves a Christian worldview into stories that carry the message deep into your heart.
  • Whether you need the message to talk directly about who God is in any given circumstance...
  • ... or you just want an inspirational or motivational message with strong take-home value...
  • ... Sheila will meet your needs.

Sheila is experienced in business, grief recovery, divorce recovery, transitions, and living life fully.

She is married to Steven Kale. Between them they have four children and seven grandchildren with another on the way.

In addition to writing, speaking, coaching, she enjoys organic gardening, and cooking.


Sheila calls herself a story teller. A story stays with us long after the facts have vanished from our mind because it touches our emotions and imagination.

 We feel no personal threat of conviction when we listen to someone relay what happened to them.  Yet, the lesson they learned becomes the lesson we learn.

Master Story Teller

Those who have heard and seen her, call her a master story teller because of the dramatic quality.

One of her favorite quotes from a fellow speaker is,

"I don't know if you are just an awesome actress, or if you are extremely transparent."

 It meant so much, because she'd done her job well.

 She is both dramatic and transparent so that she might impact lives for good and for the glory of God.


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Christian Inspirational - Motivational Speaker

More specifically, she is a Christian inspirational speaker using story to inspire, motivate, and change lives.

  •  Inspirational means "to give enthusiasm to change." 

 Motivation means "to give the enthusiasm to determine to change."

Sheila does both. Most notably, she brings enthusiasm with her desire to connect with the audience in a very personal way.

 It is not enough to just tell good stories, she wants you to experience good stories. And when you do, not only will your outlook change but your life will change as well.


With her dramatic story telling ability, she captures the attention of all age groups.


 Large or Small, Sheila would like to Speak to Your Group or Gathering 

  • Sheila speaks to groups of all kinds
  • from Keynote speaking for a dinner function
  • school chapel devotions. 

Sheila's Presentations Meet Your Needs

In summary, her presentations actually fall under many titles,

  • motivational speaker,
  •  inspirational speaker,
  • Christian speaker,
  • captivating story teller.